And the room switch? Save it also with masking tape. Just cut small pieces of tape
and fix it all over the plastic, so the paint applied around the wall will not stain the
switch. Wait to dry to remove safely! This tip is more than protection and
delimitation, it is also for those who want to dare and be creative in ideas! Use
masking tape to create special designs on your wall and thus create different looks,
such as triangles, squares, stripes and so on. Search for inspiration on the internet
and don’t be afraid to make mistakes in your real estate painting with masking
tape. And if you get it wrong, paint again! Try it, go! We must not forget to protect
the door and window fittings, which are the frames that surround them, usually
made of wood or plaster. Also remember to clean, dry and sand before placing the
tape, to adhere better and protect more effectively. Did you like our real estate
painting tips with masking tape? Interior house painters cost

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