Exterior painting services
Who may require a type of paint, rollers or other tools.
According to the specialist, it is important to research whether the required products are
approved by the Sectorial Quality Program, a seal of ABRAFATI – Brazilian Association of
Paint Manufacturers. “In the qualification course, we train painters who work with efficiency,
quality and transparency. A good way to prevent irregular practices is to hire trusted
professionals with good recommendations ”, he warns. “It is also nice to analyze your service
proposal. A cover letter; a sheet with the description of the entire service, including the name of the
rooms, colors and m2; a sheet with the budget, which consists of the price, the delivery time and the
payment method; a well-described list of materials. All of these points give hints of the painter’s
quality ” , he concludes. A renovation or a simple painting in our residence is
always welcome. But for that to happen, of course, we need a very
specialized professional. We already know that a new painting can give
a totally different look to the house, what many do not know is that
some care before hiring a painter must be adhered to.

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